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Avalara Connector

Sales Tax is hard. Managing Sales Tax in Made2Manage™ is almost impossible. Let us help you make it easy.


Avalara, and the Made2Manage™ connector by Progressive Edge, make Sales Tax calculations easy. An easy interface, an easy setup and an easy implementation.


Avalara ensures that your sales tax calculations are using the most up to date and relevant information available. No information to upload or download since it is all real time.


Closely integrated with Made2Manage™ ERP, your sales tax information updates immediately. Our unique interface minimizes maintenance and gets you going fast.

Current Rates Applied in Real-time

Using the Progressive Edge Avalara Connector, all tax calculations are performed real time, in the cloud. There is no need to import rates into Made2Manage™.

Eliminate the Made2Manage™ Complexities

There is no need to maintain complicated Jurisdictions, Sales Tax codes and Taxable flags on products. All of that has been eliminated.

Automated Sales Tax Calculations

Sit back and know that you sales tax is being calculated correctly. The manual tasks that expend your resources have been automated.

Always Current with Regulations and Rules

Changes in legislative regulations, new tax rules, or shifts in product taxability change often. Rest knowing that your Sales Tax calculations are utilizing the most current information available.

Exemption Management with CertCapture

Integrated with Avalara’s CertCapture product, the nightmare of managing Exemption Certificates is eliminates. Sales Tax calculations automatically consider exemption status and apply it correctly.

Flexible and Detailed Reporting

Access records quickly and easily at any time, from anywhere from the cloud-based portal. Detail reporting for State and local liabilities are flexible, complete and accurate.

Simple Integration of Made2Manage™ ERP to Avalara

Our innovative interface provides a simple and flexible connection point between your Made2Manage™ ERP data and Avalara Tax. Define just the level of integration necessary for your organization.

Override, Void and Force Tax for unique situations

Handle exceptions directly in the Made2Manage™ software, giving you override capabilities and final say.

Alternate Taxation Addresses for Sales Tax Calculation

The taxation address is not always the shipping address. Avalara allows you to control the taxation address for any situation.

Works with Quote, Sales Orders and Invoices

The connector is integrated into the familiar forms your users are used to working with. Quotes, Orders and Invoices all have access to the Connector.

Realtime Updates to Made2Manage™

Data is immediately updated in Made2Manage™ ERP. There is no need for sync solutions.

Avalara Tax Connector vs. Made2Manage™

Compare Bill Of Material Manager with Made2Manage™ feature by feature to see how Bill Of Material Manager improves mobility, visibility and inventory accuracy in your Made2Manage™ ERP.

Avalara Connector Made2Manage™
Real-Time updates

Using the Avalara Connector, your tax calculations are always up to date.

Simple and Easy

Eliminate the cumbersome Juridictions and Sales Tax codes.


Use Accurate rate, addresss and Exemption information.

Effective Reporting

Tax Liability and Exemption Reports designed by Tax Professionals.

Nexus Calculation

Know when you have reached Economic Nexus for a location.

Alternate Taxing Address

Allow the Tax calculations to be based on address other than the Ship To location.

Address Validation

Validate Address information for correctness.

Manage Exemption Certificates

Manage the sales tax exemption certificates you need to maintain compliance.


Real-time updates to your ERP System.

Sales Tax Experts

Sales tax content and data to give you the business insights you need.

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