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Engineering Productivity for Made2Manage™

Simply put, the best way to manage your Bills of Material, Item Masters and Routings in Made2Manage™.

Effectively Import Data

Import Bills of Material and Item Masters from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Excel. A easy to use Mapping Wizard allows you to define custom maps.

Increase Your Productivity

Relieve your product development staff from the rudimentary tools available in your ERP product. Drag and Drop Editing, Custom Layouts, and more are designed to bring efficiencies to your team.

Analyze and Compare

Advanced tools allow you to perform sophisticated analysis on your Bills of Material. Child to Parent Where-Used and BOM Compares help you to sift through data quickly.

Effectively Import Data

Advanced tools allow you to perform sophisticated analysis on your Bills of Material. Child to Parent Where-Used and BOM Compares help you to sift through data quickly.

Import from Excel

Import component data from any Microsoft Excel compatible file. If you can get it into Excel, you can get it into Made2Manage™. Importing is available for all BOM types.

Import Item Masters from Excel

Import an Excel list of Item Masters into your Made2Manage™ system. Item Masters can also be created when importing a Bill of Material. Data for the Item Master can come from the Excel file, a unique template system, or a combination.

Import Single or Multi-level BOM’s

Whether your source file is in a single level format, or a multi-level format, you can easily import it into Made2Manage™.

Create Custom Maps

A user-friendly Import Wizard walks you through the steps of creating Import Maps. You decide what columns to match, what ERP data to map them to, and any default values. There is no limit to the number of maps you can define.

Increase Your Productivity

Job issues, material functions for receiving, moves to inventory, transfers, tracking buy items, lot and serial number entries, staging and put-aways.

Drag and Drop Editing

Drag (don’t type) components, assemblies, and routings from one Bill of Material to other. Don’t worry if those BOM’s are different types (for example, dragging from a Job BOM to Sales Order BOM), the Bill of Material Manager adjusts things correctly.

Indented Job Views

View your indented Job Bills of Material in a “product structure” format. Meaning you will see the sub-Job BOM’s as children of their Parent BOM’s. This greatly aids in the management of deep Bills of Material in a Make-to-Order environment.

Embedded Routings

Routings are “embedded” within the BOM structure to be available for viewing and editing, right along side the components. If you are viewing a multi-level BOM, the routing for each child will be presented at each level.

Item Master Control

The ability to work with Item Masters is an important part of managing your Bills of Material. The Item Master FlexView allows controlled access to your Item Master data via the Bill of Material Manager. You can control each element (field) in the Item Master to allow View and Edit access. You can also control and restrict who and when Item Masters can be created.

Normalize Interface

The BOMM supports all the Made2Manage™ Bill of Material types: Standard, Job, Order, and Quote. In addition, we have removed the operational differences from one BOM type to another. All BOM type’s work in a similar manner.

Analyze and Compare

Give Made2Manage™ users quick and easy access to the information they need to track buy items, check job status, view Lot/SN information and perform lookups with the swipe of a finger or the scan of a barcode.

Where Used

Made2Manage™ provides a limited where-used search, but it is limited to a single level search. The BOMM provides the ability to search both at the single level mode, but also a multi-level up mode which identifies the hierarchy to the topmost level. Where Used is available on all Made2Manage™ BOM Types.

Mass Replace

The BOMM provides a Mass Replace capability on all the BOM Types in Made2Manage™, including Orders and Quotes. In addition, you can Mass Add and Mass Delete Standard components without the requirement to always replace.


Easily compare any two Bills of Material, even of different types. Quickly compare a Job BOM with a Standard BOM.

Job Revision Tracking

After a Job BOM has been Released, you can choose to track any Job BOM changes, and optionally, add a revision to the Job BOM. User defined Reason codes can be applied and a meaningful Job Changes report is provided.


You can print out any BOM, at any level, with any indentation and with any columns of information. Optionally, you can print the embedded routing along with the report. If you want an indented Job BOM for sub-Job 12345-0035 and just the children jobs, no problem.

Bill Of Material Manager vs. Made2Manage™

Compare Bill Of Material Manager with Made2Manage™ feature by feature to see how Bill Of Material Manager improves mobility, visibility and inventory accuracy in your Made2Manage™ ERP.

BOMM Made2Manage™
Import BOM's from Excel

Import BOM’s from any Excel compatible source.

Import Item Masters from Excel

Import and create Item Masters from any Excel compatible source.

Controlled Item Master Access

Controlled, by User, access to View\Edit any Item Master value.

Imbedded Routings

View and Edit the Routings, indented and embedded in the BOM.

Compare BOM's

Compare any two BOM's.

Drag and Drop Editing

Drag components and Routings from any other BOM.

Indented Where-Used

See where a component is used up to its top level.

Indented Job BOM View

See the Job BOM in a product structure/indented view.

Job Revision tracking

Track all changes to the Job BOM with reason codes.

Does not require a Made2Manage™ User license

Free up valuable ERP licenses for other users.

Support Made2Manage™ v6.01 and higher

Active support for all recent Made2Manage™ versions.

Active Directory User-based Security

Works with your current Domain security policies.

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