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Intelligent, Interactive ERP Reporting Software for Made2Manage™

A flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed for Aptean’s Made2Manage ERP system.

Generate Complex Reports

Since IIR is not another Report Writer, it runs right out of the box and there are no reports to write. We have done the work for you, delivering over 700 pre-configured data elements.

Analyze and Research

IIR is built for analysis. With a “pivot-table” design, advanced drill down capability and “run-time” configuration, IIR allows you to quickly get to the bottom of costing issues.

Customize and Tailor

IIR is also extremely flexible to meet the needs of a variety of users. Users can tailor each report to their own needs.

Generate Complex Reports

Complex costing and production reports are simple in IIR, because they are already done.

Default Report Templates

A robust set of finished reports is delivered with the system to get you going quickly. Sales Order, Job Costing, Purchasing, Workcenters and General Ledger reports all run immediately.

Advanced Costing Algorithms

IIR uses advanced algorithms to build “theoretical” costs based on user defined parameters, such as the actual cost of the last few jobs and/or the last few purchase orders.

Period-based Job Costing Reports

Analyze your costs based on the transaction dates to get period-based cost reports quickly. These reports can become the basis for your Estimate to Complete costing analysis.

Sales, Production and Purchasing Analysis

Operational Data such as Sales Orders, Shipments, Purchase Orders, Labor and Job Transactions contain hundreds of pre-configured data elements to choose from.

Detail GL Transaction Analysis

General Ledger data is also easily reported against. Order Costs, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Journal Entries can be easily analyzed and sifted through.

Role Based Security

Role-based security allows control over sensitive data elements and views.

Analyze and Research

A BI tool for the rest of use, Intelligent and Interactive.

Dynamic “Pivot-table” Analysis

The interactive design of IIR allows for ad-hoc manipulation like pivot-tables in Excel. Grouping and subtotaling is flexible and can be defined up to four levels deep.

On the Fly Configuration

Drag columns around on the report, add new columns on the fly and group and subtotal all on the fly. Changes can be temporary, or they can be saved as a new template.

User Defined KPIs

Column Indicators can be set on any column to indicate flags when certain conditions occur (like the cost exceeding the estimate). Not only can be indicator be set, but colors can be set to indicate different levels of that condition.

Advanced Drill Down Analysis

Intelligent drill downs into the details of the data columns, provide for the full analysis of the user’s questions.

Customize and Tailor

IIR is designed for the Organization but built for the Individual.

700 Pre-configured Data Elements

Each report comes with hundred of data elements which can be selected or unselected.

User Defined Templates

Each user can create and maintain an unlimited number of templates per view. Templates can be shared with other users.

Unlimited Training and Support for First Year

Easily compare any two Bills of Material, even of different types. Quickly compare a Job BOM with a Standard BOM.

Unlimited User Licenses

After a Job BOM has been Released, you can choose to track any Job BOM changes, and optionally, add a revision to the Job BOM. User defined Reason codes can be applied and a meaningful Job Changes report is provided.

Intelligent Interactive Reports vs. Made2Manage™

Compare Intelligent Interactive Reports with Made2Manage™ feature by feature to see how Bill Of Material Manager improves mobility, visibility and inventory accuracy in your Made2Manage™ ERP.

IIR Made2Manage™
Time-phased Cost Reporting

Build better Estimate to Complete reporting and Cost Analysis.

Actual Average Cost Calculation

A theroretical costing calculation which rolls up the Actual Costs in the System.

Job Order Indented Cost rollup

Present you Job Costs in an Indented Cost Rollup format.

Sale Order performance

View the Days Late, % on time, and Average Lead time for your Sales Orders.

Job Order performance

View the Days Late, % on time, and Average Lead time for your Job Orders.

Purchase Order performance

View the Days Late, % on time, and Average Lead time for your Purchase Orders.

Workcenter Analysis

View your Labor results by Workcenters, grouped by Part and more.

Custom defined column indicators

Any column can be highlighted based on user defined parameters.


Role-based security allows for control over sensitive data.

Unlimited Users

Does not consume Made2Manage user licenses.

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