Serving the Made2Manage™ community since 1999

Made2Manage™ Support

Progressive Edge has been supporting Made2Manage™ users for over 2 decades. Don’t worry If you’re off Aptean support, or if you’re not on the latest version, we can help.

Custom Programming

Our intimate knowledge of the Made2Manage™ system enables us to custom program everything from simple report writing to complex shipping and receiving systems using wireless scanners.

Made2Manage™ Consulting

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience and over 15 years supporting Made2Manage™ in manufacturing environments, we consistently deliver qualified and effective consulting services.

Technical Services

Our technical service consultants are highly experienced IT professionals. We can augment your IT staff or IT services firm, allowing you to leverage our extensive Made2Manage™ experience.

Report Writing

Report Writing in the new v7.5x versions is HARD. Let us help. Progressive Edge has programming resources who are fluent in the major industry standard report writers. Whether it is a change to an existing report template, or setting up a report server in SSRS, we can supply the resources to help. Let us deliver your report changes in short time.

Form Customization

We can customize the Made2Manage™ forms in your system to track new elements of information, perform calculations, add a tab to a form and much more. Call us to discuss your form changes with us.

Custom Development

Most users have something they struggle with in Made2Manage™, sometimes it is just a misunderstanding of the system. But other times, the standard M2M processes fail because they are difficult, error prone, and/or time consuming. By streamlining these processes, we can deliver a more productive system, allowing all the parts to work better together.


Don’t limit your company to only the solutions that are provided by your ERP Vendor. We can integrate solutions, on premise and cloud, to seamlessly work with your Made2Manage™ ERP system. Open the door to a world of possibilities.

Made2Manage™ Consulting

Process Improvements

In today’s economy, Productivity is key. Making the most of the resources you already have will be the keys to profitability. You're taking orders, making product and shipping to customers, but it could be more efficient. Let us help you analyze your processes and suggest ways of improving your productivity with Made2Manage™.

Made2Manage™ Training

Whether you’re hiring a new person, or just want a refresher course on a specific function, our consultants are ready to help. We can tailor training courses to your exact needs.


So, it’s been a couple of years and you’re still debating Make vs. Stock. Or maybe you’re just not seeing the results for the effort you are putting in. We specialize in working with Made2Manage™ users who have become disillusioned with the system. Because we are an independent resource, we can guide you back on track and give you honest answers about your Made2Manage™ implementation.

Server Migrations

We can help you move off your old server onto a new server without a hitch.

Performance Audits

Is your system slowing down? Maybe it’s never been fast. Let our seasoned Technical Service Consultant take a look. An expert in both the .Net and VFP versions, as well as an expert in SQL, we are confident we can help.

Made2Manage™ App Resources

View or download the PDFs to learn more about Progressive Edge productivity apps for Made2Manage™ ERP. Read what Made2Manage™ customers have to say about their experience using our apps.

pe mobile manage
Gain mobility, accuracy and efficiency on the shop floor and in the warehouse.
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pe bill material manager
Manage Made2Manage™ Item Masters, BOMs and
routings the most effective way.
Progressive Edge Bill Material Manager Learn more
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Progressive Edge Intelligent Interactive Reports
Leverage cost and performance analysis in Made2Manage™ out of the box.
Progressive Edge Intelligent Interactive Reports Learn More
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Progressive Edge Avalara Tax Connector
Automate sales tax calculation and certificate management in Made2Manage™.
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Get started with Progressive Edge productivity apps

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