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Anderson Dahlen integrates Aptean ERP with Automated Storage and Retrieval System

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Anderson Dahlen is a custom stainless steel and specialty alloy manufacturing company located in Ramsey, MN. Their two facilities provide over 220,000 ft² of production and warehouse capacity. Each day, Anderson Dahlen works with major corporations designing, manufacturing, and managing complex systems to deliver increased productivity to their customers’ manufacturing process. They are experts when it comes to improving productivity on the shop floor.

So, when it came to an internal project to integrate their ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) from Kardex™ with their Aptean Made2Manage™ ERP system, the solution would have to meet the high standards with which Anderson Dahlen puts into their own systems. Their search ended after a thorough review of MobileManage™ from Progressive Edge.

Robert Sunsdahl, Senior ERP System Administrator comments, “Up to this point, we were issuing and receiving products in two separate systems, Kardex™ and Made2Manage™. There were many manual tasks requiring the users to manipulate complex ERP screens.” Sunsdahl continued, “Today, when we receive product through MobileManage, both the ERP and ASRS are updated immediately and a routing label is automatically printed. Then, at the time of picking, we press a button in MobileManage™ to engage the ASRS, and inventory is delivered to the user as needed. Again, both the ERP and ASRS are updated immediately. Very simple, and the users are thrilled.”

Kenneth Roy, the President of Progressive Edge explains, “MobileManage™ allowed the integration to fit seamlessly into their ERP workflow and in the customer’s opinion, it adds a much more productive interface to the entire inventory control process.” He continued, “The integration is completely contained within the MobileManage™ software, which will have zero-impact on future service packs and hot-fixes from the ERP Vendor.”

“We were looking for a solution to improve productivity and eliminate duplicate tasks.” Sunsdahl describes, “What we got was a complete Shop Floor Interface that drastically reduces the time it takes to issue material and receive products into our ERP system. Today our inventory is as close to real-time as it can get, and the errors that go with manually entering data have been virtually eliminated. Progressive Edge made the process seamless, and they continue to help us in our process improvements.”

A complete Shop Floor Interface that drastically reduces the time it takes to issue material and receive products.

Robert Sunsdahl

Senior ERP System Administrator, Anderson Dahlen

Today, Anderson Dahlen is running live with MobileManage™ and the integration to their ASRS. The solution implemented not only met all of the goals established, it offers many new capabilities that bring productivity to the shop floor. A solution Anderson Dahlen would be proud to offer their own customers.