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Use Made2Manage™ on the go.

Unleash Your ERP

Gain easy access to your ERP system from anywhere in your facility. Operate on a wide range of devices with ample screen sizes. The intelligent design increases flexibility and overall productivity.

Improve Inventory Management

Provide your employees an efficient tool to display and record thier tasks. By Performing tasks in real time, when and where they happen, your ERP Inventory will be more accurate.

Gain Greater Visibility

Empower your floor personnel with intuitive product lookups, online picklists, Job Status's and more. Incorporate job and operational workflow using Google Forms, Images, Videos, pdf's and plain old text.

Unleash Your ERP

Stop struggling with small, outdated data collection devices. MobileManage™ is designed for touch-enabled tablets with large screen sizes and built-in scanners. The app works equally well on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Mobility without Compromise

MobileManage™ is a new way to look at data delivery, inventory control and data collection on the shop floor. The app was designed from the ground up to run on a variety of form factors including laptops, desktops and wireless tablets.

Use with or without Barcodes

MobileManage™ is optimized for barcode scanning. If you don’t have your product labeled and barcoded, there's no problem. You can use quick and easy lookups that eliminate the need to key in data.

Your Portal to the Shop Floor

MobileManage™ links your ERP with the shop floor personnel. An efficient and well-designed interface simplifies access to the information they need to be productive.

Real-Time Made2Manage™ Access

The ability to use MobileManage™ right where tasks are happening improves efficiency, inventory accuracy, and ease of use, which are critical to the success of your shop floor users.

Improve Inventory Management

Job issues, material functions for receiving, moves to inventory, transfers, tracking buy items, lot and serial number entries, staging and put-aways.

Intelligent Lookups

Users have access to all critical ERP data on the spot with a simple scan of a barcode or a lookup. There is no need to run to Made2Manage™. At the touch a button, see On-Hand, Lot\SN, On Order, Committed Quantities, Committed Detail, Open Purchase Orders, and Item Master information.

Advanced Paperless Picking

Directional picking guides the user to the available inventory by location and Lot/SN. Whether the operator is picking for a job or picking for shipping, he or she is always presented with available inventory locations. Consolidated picking allows the forklift operator to pick for multiple jobs or multiple shippers at one time.

Timely Paperless Receiving

Receiving with MobileManage™ is quick and efficient. There is no longer a need to file and search through paperwork. Easily locate receiving information by job, vendor or PO number. Users can scan incoming documentation whenever available. Auto-generate lot and serial numbers if required. Print receiving labels in a variety of sizes and formats fulfilling the down-stream requirements for scanning picking and transfer transactions.

Label Printing and Management

MobileManage™ utilizes the BarTender™ print engine by Seagull Scientific. You can design, print and manage labels by part and by customer. MobileManage™ chooses the proper format, populates the label template, and sends the label to the assigned printer, all automatically. An important capability in MobileManage™, labels are the key to enabling users to efficiently scan information downstream.

Gain Greater Visibility

Give mobile, tablet and desktop Made2Manage™ users on the shop floor or in the warehouse quick and easy access to all the information they need with the swipe of a finger or the scan of a barcode.

Bridge Between Old and New

Most ERP systems lag behind the technology curve. MobileManage™ integrates just about any kind of new technology into your shop floor procedures. Collection methods include 2D scanning, touch, stylus, camera, bluetooth, keyboard and mouse. Delivery methods include real-time ERP data, tablets, laptops, desktops, cloud apps, Google Forms, YouTube, images, PDFs, DWGs and more.

Job Status

A simple scan of the Job Traveler provides Made2Manage™ users on the floor complete job status information without logging into the ERP System. Material status information includes Availability, On-Order, On-Hand, Locations, Lot\SN and more. Operational status information includes Required and Completed, Hours Posted, Operational Status, Scheduled Date and more.

Equally Great on Desktops

Most installations are a hybrid of tablet (mobile) and desktop (fixed) units. MobileManage™ works just as well with both types of devices. Whether you’re out on the line, in the warehouse or in the office, the user interface (UI) is consistent.

MobileManage™ vs. Made2Manage™

Compare MobileManage™ with Made2Manage™ feature by feature to see how MobileManage™ improves mobility, visibility and inventory accuracy in your Made2Manage™ ERP.

MobileManage™ Made2Manage™
Mobility without compromise

Designed from the ground up for the Mobile experience.

Track Buy Items in Inventory

Tag incoming "Buy to Order" material to Stock Locations for tracking.

Warehouse Management functions

Brings a Picking and Put-Away methodology to your Inventory Control Process.

Simple Lot and Serial Number entry

Scan Lot\SN numbers when available, with quick lookup and selection when not.

Paperless design

Eliminate Receiving Copies, Travelers and Pick-lists.

Barcodes or No Barcodes

Works just as efficiently with or without Barcoded documents.

Does not require a Made2Manage User license

Free up valuable ERP licenses for other users.

Support Made2Manage v6.01 and higher

Active support for all recent Made2Manage versions.

No Posting Program

Updates are real-time.

Active Directory User-based Security

Works with your current Domain security policies.

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