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Give your shop floor and warehouse personnel access to Made2Manage™ data wherever and whenever they need it for more efficient data collection and effective inventory management.

BOM Manager™

Advanced tools for managing bills of material, item masters and routings. Child to Parent Where-Used and BOM Compares help you to sift through data quickly.

Avalara Connector

Easily integrate your Avalara sales tax information with you Made2Manage™ ERP system. Our unique interface minimizes maintenance and gets you going fast.


Custom Fabricating and Repair

Before we had to rely on paper and users running to a computer to look things up.

— John Adkins

MAC Products

Our ERP system has two separate systems to perform the same work MobileManage does by itself.

Otto Acosta

Zest Dental Solutions

Leveraging MobileManage, Zest has achieved a 30% reduction in logistics labor, while fulfilling over 500 daily shipments: all with an error rate of <1%.

— Samim Mehrafar

Anderson Dahlen

A complete Shop Floor Interface that drastically reduces the time it takes to issue material and receive products.

— Robert Sunsdahl

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Progressive Edge has been in business serving the Made2Manage™ community since 1999 with Made2Manage™ compatible applications that improve efficiency and inventory accuracy. Our solutions do not consume Made2Manage™ licenses, they are compatible with multiple versions of the ERP software and they do not require you to be on an Aptean support agreement.

Made2Manage™ is a trademark owned exclusively by Aptean, Inc. and its affiliated companies. Progressive Edge is not affiliated with or sponsored by Aptean, Inc., and is not an authorized retailer of, or service provider for, the Made2Manage™ product.