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Aptean Made2Manage™ User leverages MobileManage™ to realize productivity gains

Client using MobileManage software on a tablet in a machine shop

Custom Fabricating and Repair, a 20 year user of Made2Manage™, continues to gain unprecedented productivity using the MobileManage™ software from Progressive Edge. Their shop floor staff has the latest production information at their finger tips, wherever they need it.

Custom Fabricating and Repair (CFR) is a stainless-steel fabricator of liquid and dry ingredient processing equipment. Their manufacturing campus is located in Marshfield, WI and is the largest of its type in North America. CFR has been using the Made2Manage™ ERP System from Aptean since 1999. Currently they employee close to 350 employees and have over 100 users accessing Made2Manage™.

CFR’s jobs can span months for their large system orders, to only hours for parts and supply jobs. There is a ton of activity on the floor and they can have over 100 released jobs at a time. John Adkins, the Production Manager say’s, “MobileManage™, from Progressive Edge, has been a game changer for the flow of information to our floor staff. Our campus is large and the mobility aspects of MobileManage™ have been key. Before we had to rely on paper and users running to a computer to look things up.” He continues, “today, employees have direct visibility within one screen of every aspect of their jobs, and it travels with them. This has streamlined the communication between warehousing and manufacturing on due dates, material location, allocations, and delivery.”

Like every company today, CFR has not been insulated from the ongoing labor market struggles. But, MobileManage™ has been an asset in that area as well. John explains, “not only are the employees more productive with this tool, but it is also extremely easy to teach and learn. Our on-boarding process has been drastically improved, and time and effort it takes in getting new employees up to speed and productive has been greatly reduced.”

Kenneth Roy, the President of Progressive Edge, comments, “MobileManage™ is a tool for the shop floor staff. It was designed with their productivity in mind. It takes away the complexity of the ERP system leaving just the key elements needed for specific tasks. But it is not just a ‘collector of data’; a simple scan of a QR code can present inventory status, drawings, pdf’s, Google forms, and anything a company feels is important for the floor staff to be productive .. all while walking around on the floor.”

Before we had to rely on paper and users running to a computer to look things up.

John Adkins

Production Manager, Custom Fabricating and Repair

John stresses, “we have been working with Progressive Edge for over 20 years. They have always had our best interest in mind, and our success is due in part to that relationship. We would highly recommend Progressive Edge and their MobileManage™ product.”

Progressive Edge, LLC.
Since 1999, Progressive Edge has been developing Made2Manage™ Compatible software. Currently, our Made2Manage™ Compatible products include:

  • MobileManage™ – A tablet-based manager for your shop floor.
  • Bill of Material Manager™ – Engineering productivity for the complete design process.
  • IIR™ – Intelligent, Interactive Reports – Costing Visibility for Made2Manage™
  • Avalara™ Connector – Sales Tax Automation for Made2Manage™

Made2Manage™ is a trademark owned exclusively by Aptean, Inc. Progressive Edge is not affiliated with or sponsored by Aptean, Inc., and is not an authorized retailer of, or service provider for the Made2Manage™ product.