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MobileManage from Progressive Edge is a game changer for Mac Products

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MAC Products has evolved into a field leader and highly recognized producer of high-quality equipment and products for the transmission, distribution, and control of electrical power. Their engineering, design, and manufacturing operations are primarily focused on the electric utility and electrified transit industries, but their versatile capabilities support a wide range of the needs of other industries.

MAC Products has been a user of the Aptean Made2Manage ERP system since 1998 and currently has 30 active licenses of the ERP software. Having a dynamic work environment with multiple inventory locations across their 4.5 acre complex, the IT Team at MAC Products realized that the company needed a better way to manage their inventory.

In September 2021, the technology team decided to research available options. The driving factors needed to be a system which was mobile, real-time, and utilized the latest in capabilities like built in scanners and QR codes. It also needed to be a system which minimized manual entries and duplication of steps. They did not feel the options available via their ERP Vendor would satisfy these requirements.

The MobileManage application from Progressive Edge, was chosen to be their solution to streamline Inventory Control and their Shop Floor. Progressive Edge provided the complete solution, including hardened Zebra tablets with built-in scanners, a labeling solution, the MobileManage software, Training and Implementation. Not only was the MobileManage product ready to implement, but Progressive Edge was also very responsive to incorporate new capabilities to meet MAC Products unique requirements.

The mobility component of MobileManage was a huge selling point to MAC Products. “Our complex is large and real-time information is needed in many places. To go and find a desktop to look up or enter production information is not an effective method,” according to Otto Acosta, IT Director at MAC Products. Otto continued, “Our ERP system has two separate systems to perform the same work MobileManage does by itself. Neither of the ERP provided applications come close to increasing the productivity of our shop floor like MobileManage does.”

Our ERP system has two separate systems to perform the same work MobileManage does by itself.

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After an implementation that was weeks and not months, MAC Products went live in December of 2021. Otto says the team from Progressive Edge provided full support along the way: “Working closely with Progressive Edge was a significant help; they pay attention to detail, they have always been there to help and work with the MAC Products team to deliver a solution that fits our business operations.”

Since the implementation, MAC has expanded their use of the product through adding on more devices and mobile printing capabilities. Otto sums up his experience with Progressive Edge and MobileManage this way: “We have simplified the way we enter and process inventory transactions in real-time, resulting in accurate inventory.” This is exactly what MAC Products set out to do.