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Zest Dental Solutions achieves off the chart productivity results using MobileManage™

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Zest Dental Solutions has been a user of Aptean’s Made2Manage™ ERP Solution since 2003. In 2019, Zest went live with their custom eCommerce platform which has generated an explosion in Sales. To date, Zest has processed over 1 million Sales Orders via the Made2Manage™ Software.

Samim Mehrafar, Zest’s Project Engineering Manager explains, “Zest struggled with Made2Manage’s paper-based shipping workflow, which severely impacted fulfillment output and increased the risk of operator error”. To solve these challenges, Zest searched for solutions both within the Aptean world, and outside. Samim continued, “we needed a real-time mobile solution for managing inventory positions, communicating with warehouse personnel, and picking and confirming shippers”.

Zest was initially faced with the prospect of building their own system, until they found MobileManage™ from Progressive Edge. “When Zest first came to us, there was a little skepticism that MobileManage™ could do what they needed, and interface so completely with their Made2Manage™ ERP”, says Ken Roy, the President of Progressive Edge.

MobileManage is a Shop Floor UI, designed specifically for the Made2Manage™ ERP solution, leveraging both mobile and wired devices. Ken continued, “The existing Shop Floor experience in Made2Manage is actually two separate products; both are very rigid and highly paper based. MobileManage™ is definitely a paradigm shift in what can be achieved on the floor.”

Initially, there were some gaps in the functionality which Zest required and the standard MobileManage™ functionality.

Progressive Edge was able to bridge these gaps through customization’s which have also been rolled into the standard product. Jason Cronje, Zest’s Director of Technology comments, “Stuck in the Made2Manage world, we have grown accustomed to changing our business processes to accommodate Made2Manage workflows. Partnering with Progressive Edge, we finally found a solution that could be adapted to fit the way our team works! The implementation process was a breeze for our technology team and has significantly boosted operator morale on the shop floor.”

Leveraging MobileManage, Zest has achieved a 30% reduction in logistics labor, while fulfilling over 500 daily shipments: all with an error rate of <1%.

Samim Mehrafar

Project Engineering Manager, Zest Dental Solutions

Since implementing MobileManage in 2022, Zest has significantly increased its distribution throughput while reducing operator error. Samim concludes, “Leveraging MobileManage, Zest has achieved a 30% reduction in logistics labor, while fulfilling over 500 daily shipments: all with an error rate of <1%.” Now that’s productivity!