Lot and Serial Control add-on for Made2Manage™

Jul 8, 2024

Many customers struggle with using Lot\SN control in Made2Manage™.  It can quickly become a productivity nightmare.  Writing down lot numbers, or circling them on a paper-based picklist is not the best way to meet compliance requirements. 

MobileManage™ has been designed from the ground up to address Lot and Serial number struggles many companies experience.  Below is a list of MobileManage™ features which improve the Lot\Serial number experience in Made2Manage™:


  • Smart QR Codes: MobileManage™ allows up to 5 different elements of data to be embedded into the QR code on your labels. So, for example, when you scan the part you are picking to issue to a job, one single scan will populate the part number, revision and lot number information required to pick the product.  The virtually guarantees the proper Lot\SN is being issued to the correct job.  Smart QR Codes can be configured to contain location and bin data as well.  Not for everyone, but with one scan, the user can populate the part number, the revision, the Lot\SN, the location, and the bin. 
  • FIFO Sort codes: When picking any product (for production or shipping), the user is presented with the available inventory locations, and any available lot/serial numbers which exist in Made2Manage™. When enabled, the available inventory will be sorted from the oldest to the newest, allowing the user to easily pick the oldest product first.
  • Lot Allocation: when Lot\SN numbers are picked, they are immediately allocated and removed from available inventory. In Made2Manage™, since there is no formal picking process, lots and serial numbers still appear in inventory until the shipper is confirmed, or the material is issues to the job.
  • Pick to Job Lot\SN: Job Pick lists can be viewed for unique Job Lot\SN’s. When picking material for a specific Job Lot\SN, the components will be automatically assigned to that Job Lot\SN.  This eliminates the need to use the ASSIGN screen in Made2Manage™ to assign the components to the Job.
  • Serial number designation: you can designate Item Masters to be Serial numbers (versus Lots). In Made2Manage™ a Serial number is simply a Lot of 1.  This designation simply forces a quantity of 1 into any quantity fields. A simple enhancement, but this save a tremendous amount of time for the users.
  • Lot Assignment rules: When receiving material, Lot\SN’s can be entered through an Excel like form quickly and easily. But for those bulk assignments, we also have the ability to use Lot Assignment rules to simplify the task.