Better Labor Tracking – the key to productivity.

Jun 18, 2024

MobileManage eTime – A simple interface eases adoption, increases employee productivity, improves scheduling and provides better visibility to your labor costs.  What’s not to like?

  • Real-time updates to Made2Manage.
  • Schedules instead of Shifts.  MobileManage allows you to define multiple schedules per facilities (for each day of the week if needed) which define start times, allowed hours, grace periods, and overtime calculations per employee or groups of employees.  Made2Manage has only 3 fixed shifts.
  • Schedule Exceptions allow specific overrides for a scheduled date (Holidays, downtime, etc.)
  • In addition to the standard employee rate in Made2Manage, you can define Rate Codes to charge Direct Labor and Overhead Costs per employee, groups of employees, per Cell, per Facility or per Company.  You can choose to use the M2M costing defaults or define new ways to apply labor costs.
  • Flexible Overtime calculations by day, week, bi-weekly and monthly.  Overtime calculations are assigned to schedules, and optionally a DOW.  So, Saturday overtime calculation can be different than Monday-Friday.  Holidays can have their own OT calculations.
  • Automatic selection of Parallel\Serial\Regular based on rules.  One less thing the employee needs to answer when entering labor.
  • Authorized Work Centers for employees.  Employees will only see their assigned work.
  • In addition to being able to view electronic work instructions, fill in forms, view drawings on the Dispatch List, they can clock on\off of jobs, view their elapsed time and see what others are working on, from one device (tablet\wall mounted\desktop).
  • User defined Work Center priority algorithm.
  • Auto-complete quantities option per Work Centers.
  • One-click labor reporting capability with Auto-Clock Off.  This will clock off the current job when the user clocks onto the next job.  A favorite feature!
  • Employee feedback allows the employee to see the jobs they are on, pieces for the day, efficiencies for the day and more.  They can also look back at previous days. 
  • Clock-In and Clock-Out for the Day to get full Labor reconciliation for payroll purposes.
  • The ability to customize.