Why a QR Code?

Oct 3, 2023

Why use a QR Code versus an older style barcode (1D)?  Barcodes have revolutionized inventory control systems.  For the most part they have minimized data entry and keystroke errors.  But they do have their limitations.

  1. Difficult to read.  Unless the 1D barcode is printed on good stock, and is not too wide, they scan well.  But you will often see users moving the scanner in and out to try and get a good scan.  When barcodes get too long, they are impossible to scan unless you have a highend scanner.
  2. Fragile.  1D barcodes (code 39, 128) are easily damaged by smears, tears and even fading.  Once damaged, even in the least bit, they become unreadable.
  3. Limited.  1D barcodes get bigger as the data inside increases.  Therefore a longer part number will take up more width than a shorter part number.  This greatly effects the label design and your have to account for your largest value.

Where as QR Codes don’t have any of these limitations.  They actually have error correction built into them and can still be read with up to 30% of the code damaged.  They also don’t change size as more data is encoded inside them.  In addition we can encode multiple elements of data in them (part, lot and location) in a single scan.  Finally, we can print them small for smaller parts.  Again their readability is far superior to the 1D barcodes.

Let us show you how MobileManage™ takes advantage of QR Codes.